Exhibition Closing Reception

Exhibition Closing Reception

On Display in the Depot’s Great Hall: June 29 – July 24, 2018

A closing reception will take place on Tuesday, July 24, 5-8 pm to include a larger program with
pipe ceremony, feast, speakers, and presentation of gifts in The Great Hall of the Duluth Depot.

The Duluth Art Institute, St. Louis County Historical Society, and Duluth Depot are pleased to announce a showcase of over fifty pivotal works by three prolific artists, Carl Gawboy, George Morrison, and Joe Geshick. Each has had a profound impact on contemporary art and how each reflects and celebrates Anishinaabe life. Niiyo-wiij-anishinaabeg is from Anishinaabemowin and is closely translated into “Four Friends.”

The four friends include the three artists and a space holder for you, the viewer to become a part of the
relationship the artists all have in common, creating art to build community and relationships
among humanity. As you explore each unique piece, you are invited to reflect on your path as
you experience “traveling with friends together” (wiijiiwaagan).

Niiyo-wiij-anishinaabeg (Four Friends) will include sketches by Joe Geshick and George
Morrison as the blueprints for what would become their master works and signature styles. Carl
Gawboy will include eight new works on paper that storyboard the artists first major book
project, set to be released in Fall 2018. These three Anishinaabe artists, with a long history as
artists and friends, have never been shown together before. Their work represents a true shift in
contemporary art that forged the pathway for today’s Anishinaabe artists.



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