From Homestead to War’s End

From Homestead to War’s End
NEW Exhibit: Oct. 5-27

The Duluth Depot and the Duluth Children’s Museum are excited to announce a unique collaboration with the opening of a new Exhibition entitled From Homestead To War’s End in the Depot’s Great Hall.

This Exhibition explores the story of the weapons throughout different cultures and history. These items tell the story of a variety of civilizations and their relationship to warfare. From tool to weapon, from sword to plowshare, this exhibit explores war in its impact on culture, tradition, and daily life.

Early tools carved from stone and wood became the instruments of hunting, self-defense, and warfare. Teeth and tusks became saws and spears.  Advancements in copper working replaced stone from Mesopotamia to China, while sharpened flint provided edged tools and arrow heads in the Americas. Each new technology made warfare more deadly. Cultures around the world independently developed codes of conduct and pageantry that infused weapons and war into daily life.  The Romans and the Zulus began training their warriors before pubescence. English nobles were taught chivalry, Japanese daimyo learned bushido.  Viking feasts and Mayan dances celebrated victory and honor in combat.

According to Briana Johnson with the Duluth Depot, “I love bringing new and exciting Exhibitions to the Depot’s Great Hall. And while this particular Exhibition is both interesting and educational, I’m really thrilled to be partnering with the Duluth Children’s Museum in this collaborative effort, and am looking forward to more potential partnerships with them in the future.”

This Exhibition has been curated by Blaez Kruger, a sophomore at Harbor City International School and an employee of the Duluth Children’s Museum. Warfare and weaponry are universal throughout human history, their cultural influence are one of Blaez’s ongoing interests.  He has chosen to tell the story of these artifacts through this cultural lens.

From Homestead To War’s End runs from October 5 through 27, 2017 at the Duluth Depot, open daily from 9am – 5pm and located at 506 West Michigan Street. Admission to the Exhibit is included with regular museum admission. Those with a Duluth Children’s Museum Membership receive 50% OFF admission while the Exhibit is here at the Depot.


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