The Mousehole Cat

The Mousehole Cat

Saturday, October 5

1:00pm & 4:00pm


Cornwall based professional theatre company Cousin Jack’spresent a magical puppet and live-action production of classic Celtic Cornish children’s story, The Mousehole Cat.

Inspired by the ancient folklore of the land this stunning show tells the story of a brave fisherman’s attempts to save his village from famine. The twist in the tale? The story is told from the perspective of his faithful cat, Mowzer. But who will win the great battle between the Great Storm Cat and Tom the fisherman?

Based on a well-known Cornish legend Antonia Barber’s uniquely heartwarming story of the friendship between a fearless fisherman and his devoted cat is sure to warm the cockles of your heart almost as much as an ‘efty portion of, Cornish delicacy, stargazy pie!



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